Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Far be it from us to beat a dead horse, but we could not resist a few more quotes from the redoubtable Bob Kolker, previously profiled here and awarded the considerable honor of induction into the Randzapper Hall of Fame.

It now has come to our attention that Kolker the Joker was banned from the Web site TalkOrigins. The moderator explains that Kolker was banned "for posting stuff like this." He then links to two vintage Kolkerian diatribes, one of which appeared on TalkOrigins (a site normally concerned with controversies about evolution).

In the first rant, Kolker observes,

The threat of atomic holocaust has a remarkable effect on the clarity of thought. The idea is to make it plain to the world : do it our way or we will kill you.
Asked how his brand of slaughter differs from that of the Muslim extremists he condemns, Kolker replies,
It is good-guy bloodthirsty vs. bad guy bloodthirsty. These goat fuckers started with us and we will finish ... If thine enemy smite thee on thy cheek, rip his head off and shit down his neck. Whatsoever any do unto you, do unto him likewise tenfold. We have got to end this turn-the-other cheek and forgive thine enemy crap. Here is the right way to live. Help and cherish your friends, destroy your enemies and be polite to the neutrals. Christial [sic] morality is absurd and just plain dangerous. If we practice it, we will die.
Since this is not an Objectivist Web site, there are sensible people on it. One of them responds to Bob the Butcher:
If it comes to pass that your way of thinking prevails, I will be joining those who will destroy you and the "America" you represent. I'll rather enjoy shitting down your neck.
This comeback has the remarkably salutary effect of largely shutting up the Bobster for the rest of the discussion.

Then there's rant number two:

Time to nuke the Muslims abroad. The principle is very simple. You cherish and protect your friends. You destroy your enemies and be polite to the neutrals. We will have to be more subtle in North America but at least we will have to round the Muslims up and deport them to a killing zone. Then kill them. I imagine that some infants could be saved. Prior to being infused with the Jihad/Martyrdom meme Muslim youngsters are no different from any others.
This rant is found in an Objectivist discussion group, so the quality of repartee is accordingly much lower. Kolker has the opportunity to spurt more venom:
I want the Muslisms [sic] in this country to be afraid. Very afraid. Its [sic] their turn to be on the Death Lists.

You can see why this guy is Hall of Fame material!