Monday, May 7, 2007

A Word of Explanation

A few facts about RandZapper:

1. RandZapper will be updated irregularly. Probably not very frequently. We have lives.

2. RandZapper does not allow comments. Comments threads would be quickly overrun by Randian nutjobs.

3. The premise behind RandZapper is simple: foolish Randians are best hoisted by their own petards. Their silly words are more effective at debunking Rand's nonsensical pseudophilosophy than any quantity of critical verbiage.

4. Why "RandZapper"? Picture an electric bug zapper. As the bugs are drawn into the light, they are neutralized.

5. What does RandZapper have against Ayn Rand? Nothing, except that she was an arrogant know-nothing who polluted the psyches of her followers while playacting the role of an epochal genius.

6. What does RandZapper have against Randians? We just think they're amusingly full of themselves. Their infantile outbursts and macho posturing are genuinely funny. The fact that they are utterly powerless, devoid of any influence or social significance, only adds to the comedy.

7. Offended by RandZapper? Go somewhere else.