Monday, May 7, 2007

Objectivism: Torture, Murder, Holocaust

Periodically RandZapper will review what we've learned so far about Ayn Rand's followers and the "philosophy" they endorse. What have we learned in our last few posts?

Among other things, we've discovered that some Randians ...

- see no moral objection to torturing helpless animals for pleasure

- see no moral objection to torturing newborn babies for pleasure

- see no moral objection to killing day-old, week-old or (possibly) month-old babies

- think humans should be bred like livestock, with the inferior specimens weeded out

- think the annihilation of American Indians was a good thing

- advocate the nuclear annihilation of large populations of human beings today

- think the rights of a single American are worth more than the lives of all the Arab peoples of the Middle East

- think the Arab nations should be nuked, starved into submission, and then colonized

- think the Middle Eastern oil fields should be confiscated by US troops and given to US oil companies (and that any Arab nation that protests should be nuked)

- think that US government employees should be killed on principle

- think that some or all of the above positions are "rational."

RandZapper readily concedes that not all Randians hold these pernicious beliefs. In fact, a couple of these positions run directly counter to Rand's stated views. For instance, Rand did not advocate the torture of infants and animals or the murder of government employees (although Atlas Shrugged does include a throwaway line about an ancestor of Dagny Taggart who was rumored to have murdered a government official - a rumor reported with no hint of disapproval).

But this is not a blog about Ayn Rand herself. It is a blog about people who have been inspired by Rand. They may or may not call themselves Objectivists - which is why we at RandZapper refer to them as Randians - but they are interested enough in Rand's views to contribute to Objectivist discussion groups and online magazines. The fact that they are sick fucks does not mean they are aberrations. The truth is, many of Rand's most vocal and committed admirers are sick fucks - and this includes the top lieutenants, past and present, in her cultic "movement."

RandZapper will go further. Ayn Rand attracts moral degenerates who nurse genocidal fantasies precisely because her "philosophy" is geared to appeal to such people. It is a "philosophy" constructed out of rage, fear, and hate. Rand's magnum opus is a book about the end of the world - written from the point of view of the world's destroyers, who are the heroes. Randism was never about building things up, and always about tearing things down. It's not an accident that The Fountainhead ends with the deliberate destruction of a housing project, and Atlas Shrugged ends with the deliberate destruction of American society. Death and destruction have always been the twin pillars of Randism, and all her platitudinous talk about life and values and greatness was intended only to obscure this fact.

Present-day Randians are merely making explicit what was implicit in the Rand's worldview from the very start. Torture, murder, and holocaust are what Randism is all about, and what Randism, in practice, would inevitably bring about.

RandZapper thanks the clueless morons who have exposed the inherent sadism of the "philosophy" they admire. By baring their souls in plain sight, they only hasten Randism's inevitable demise.