Monday, May 7, 2007

Gordged on Hatred

Some Randians at least try to pose coherent arguments. Then there are others who prefer to spew expletive-laden abuse.

Michael Gordge, come on down!

The estimable Mr. Gordge, an excitable New Zealander, enjoys spicing up message boards with his unique brand of ad hominem abuse. We're not even going to try to extract any substance from his ravings, because what makes them so darn special is not the usual Randroidian nitwittery, but the elaborate scatological packaging.

Here's Gordge gorging himself on libertarian red meat:
Some fucking stupid, fucking leftist envy ridden anti-human cowardly, retarded commie cunt wrote: "The libertarian believes that the government is evil."Here is the truth:The libertarian believes, that the only moral function of any government is to act as the shield and not as the fucking sword of the society it governs.The libertarian believes, unlike any and ALL of the leftist / rightest / conservatist parasitical sadistical masochistical wanking fuckwitted khunts, that YOU and YOU alone own YOUR life, and that YOU and YOU alone ought be the SOLE benefactor and the SOLE decider of the results of the products of YOUR energy ...
... blah blah, Randian-libertarian boilerplate mercifully snipped.
The libertarian believes that the ONLY reason why the anti-human creeps, e.g. the leftist cunts who lambast libertarian principles, is because that they do NOT want to be held responsible for THEIR OWN fucking lives and THEIR own fucking failures, sooooo shame on the parasitical leftist scourges of the human race.
Hear that, all you anti-human creeps?

Pressed to defend his views, our Gordge rises to the task:
You stupid fascist inspired dumb commie cunts just dont get it do ewes? ...Wake the fuck up dopey, this is YOUR life, why the fuck dont YOU want to take responsibility for it?
Shortly afterward, Gordge relents a little, in unpunctuated fashion:
I will calm down the alcohol has warn off, I didn't like the tone of the fuckwit's question either, but hey I'm over it already.
But if the liquor's lost its kick, what explains this new rant?

I really hate leftist commie and fascist cunts eh? there is NO fundamental difference between ANY of them, they ALL demand human sacrifice as a means to their bogus invented glorious ends. disgusting fucking creeps.

Not them as human beings, but rather their ideas, they are evil ideas and MUST be hated by the objective rational reason based mind.

The "objective rational reason based mind" as embodied by the Gordgeous One, no doubt!Gordge then channels Emily Post:
Nobody owes the virtue of niceness to a blatant leftist envy ridden liar.
Someone else, who knows Gordgeous George from past encounters, joins the discussion and paints a pretty clear picture:
Mikey complaining about a "personal attack"!!!!!!!!!! The phrase "height of hypocrisy" comes to mind. I think people who give him credit (should there be any), have not read enough samplings of his "work" to detect the repetition of the "same" accidental coherence mixed with the overwhelming abundance of expletives, pejoratives, invectives, slurs, slander, and general-all-around misanthropic tenor of his delusional rants.
Luckily, Gordge has an eloquent and telling riposte:
Yes, you fucking useless as all fuck knuckledragging commie cockheaded khunt....Look you dopey confused cunt, the subject is libertarian politics and the desperate lies of that lunatic fucking anti-human left-tit knuckle-dragging Randaphobic retard who hasn't a fucking clue about anything, the subject is NOT about ME, you fucking egghead, as much as you useless cunts would like to try and make it, it aint, now grow up moron.
Asked by the same commenter (apparently Gordge's long-time nemesis, i.e., the Anti-Gordge), "Do they have IQ tests in New Zealand?," the estimable Gordge fires back:

What the fuck are ewe on about now you stupid commie cunt? Stick to the subject you stupid stupid stupid moronic goon.The subject is not about me, you dumb arse, its about your Randaphobic retarded left-tic ilk's lies, about libertarian concepts and your cowardly refusal to face up to your own life and your own responsibilities....

Insults are self-inflicted you stupid commie cunt, sooo go ahead make my day.

That's telling him! When someone else chooses to enter the rarefied arena of this debate, he gets this response:
Go fuck yourself you commie cunt.
Gordge is nothing if not consistent.

To show that the above exchange is not an alcohol-induced aberration, here's another thread. It's about the movie Thank You For Smoking, a satire on the tobacco industry. One poster says, "actually i dont give a shit about this smoking thing."

To which the inimitable Gordge replies:

Fucking scummy Randaphobic fascist fucking liar....

Its not surprising how desperate these wanking fascist fuckwitted Randaphobic sirbloboshit idiots have to get and lie about what it means to live in liberty,especially given the threat that individual freedom therefore individual responsibility is to their evil fucked up parasitcal philosophy.



Gordge then proudly proclaims his devotion to "a government of freedom,"
one that would enshrine into law YOUR right to live YOUR life accordng to YOURvalues, albethey as a silly, fucked in the head, dopey, masochistical and sadistical robotic indoctrinated member of the flock of moronic sad and desperate Kantian sheeple, suffering the horrible affliction and scourge of Randaphobia?AND guess what dopey? Welllllll, the really really good news is dopey, ewe dozey moronic commie cunt, the ONLY condition IS, that ewes dopey whukwits (*wh* is said F) find other equallly as fucked in the head moronic sadistical masochistical hosts to be the parasites of, now sirbloboshit, was that the best ewe've got?
Sirbloboshit again! Give that man a handkerchief!

Someone astutely comments,

Hmm . . . fascinating! Common vulgarity, lack of the basic understanding of language, poor speller, hyper-sensitive, super defensive,angry, and simple-minded.

Hardly the right tools for one desiring to partake in philosophical repartee ....

Gordge, uncowed, launches this blistering salvo:
Oh looook its a new hag on the block, go fuck yourself you useless commie cuntess, ewe're obviously very good at it. How fucking dare ewe come on here and tell me how to go about my fucking business, you useless fucking bitch, fuck off, dont read me, I dont give a fuck you stupid ignorant arrogant slut, no one gives a fuck what you say about me, ask chaz and kev. Goodgod
Still contending against the same detractor, Gordgezilla breathes more radioactive fire:
Phillis go fuck yourself, you gutless useless PC control freak little fascist / commie cunt.I will debate and I have debated philosophy and politics with anyone, I have debated philosophy and politics with people who consider themselves far more important in the world of philosophy and politics than you could ever dream you are or wanna be.
Yes, we've seen how well he debates philosophy, haven't we? It reminds us of that celebrated passage in which Bertrand Russell gently takes William James to task for a subtle epistemological misconception:
James, you limp-dick hairy-ass dumbshit peckerwood motherscratcher, you don't know shit about epistemology and you never will, you worthless piece of syphilis-infected scum-sucking pus! Why don't you pull your head out of Chuck Peirce's ass and use your frackin' brain, you numbnuts throwback retard? (The Problems of Philosophy, p. 622)
But enough of this high-falutin' philosophy. Back to Gordge:

I will and I do stick to the subject being debated and I will NEVER back down.

I however will NOT tolerate it when ewes useless, gutless, evil and anti-human PC commie cunts try to turn the debate around or who leave the subject completely and try and make the subject about me Michael Gordge and the methods I have chosen to use to get my points of philosophy and politics across.

NOTE, ewes is the word I have coined for dumb arsed unthinking moronic socialist follow the leader sheeple.

He even mints his own words! Apparently this is yet another of the "methods" he has "chosen to get [his] point across." The man is a veritable fountainhead, so to speak, of intellectual creativity. More Emily Post:
I'm not here to be nice to scum ...
Wasn't that the motto of Galt's Gulch?

The PC commie morally corrupt cunt who started this thread is a piece of leftist scum, if you think being nice to these filthy rotten anti-human shitheads is going to change anything about them, then go ahead I dont give a fuck...

.... you dumb arsed mystical moron ...

... you stupid cunt ...

... arrogant git ...

... you delinquent queer commie khunt ...

And so on, throughout the 9,210 posts (and counting) authored by the bottomless Gordge. Feel free to browse them in search of wit, urbanity, and the boundless generosity of spirit that distinguishes Randidiots everywhere.

No, to be fair, even by Randidiotarian standards, Gordge is a standout. He inhabits a private universe of his own demented construction, in which his is the sole voice of reason, while all around him, gibbering in the outer darkness, are terrifying legions of fuckwits, sheeple, knuckle-draggers, parasites, fascists, commies, socialists, wankers, liars, morons, cunts, cockheads, shitheads, queers, hags, goons, gits, dopes, dumb arses, useless bitches, and scum.

As for us, having gorged ourselves on Gordge, we feel the need for some fresh air - and possibly an antacid tablet or two. There's only so much of this rationality and high-toned intellectualism we can take!